Case Study: Elevator Up

For the past 15 years, Elevator Up has been partnering with businesses to co-create digital products. They specialize in websites, apps & mobile experiences.


ElevatorUp's Goals

  • Improve Culture / Turnover Rates

  • Hiring Push to Hire 4 Key Roles

  • Free up CEO from Day-to-Day

  • Refinement and Documentation of Processes

WeConsult's Areas of Impact

  • Improved Start to End Hiring Process

  • Hired Multiple Positions Including an Operations Manager

  • Implemented Employee Feedback Process

  • Streamlined Processes / Overall Organization

  • Conducted Culture Audit/Employee Interviews

  • Provided Agency Analysis


Culture Audit

Elevator Up was going through a large hiring push and needed some guidance recruiting and retaining senior members of their team.

In order to ensure lasting improvements, we kickstarted the engagement with a research phase. We started by first analyzing all previous exit interviews and then jumping into current employee 1:1 interviews. This deep dive allowed us to understand the entire team’s perspective, both past and current; what was working and what needed to be improved.

Next, the data we collected was synthesized into core areas for improvement in which we presented suggested solutions. We worked closely with the founder/CEO and leadership to improve overall culture and team relationships.

It became clear that increasing transparency and improving communication throughout the organization would significantly help culture. To address this, we conducted an open discussion with the team, implemented recurring 1-on-1’s, and fostered an open environment where employees could voice their concerns.


The implementation of process around the hiring workflow enabled us to move at lightning speed with a small team.

In order for the hiring process to run like a well-oiled machine, we implemented a more efficient way to screen candidates and standardized the interview phases across all departments.

In the past, EU had struggled with bringing on team members who interviewed well but in the end were not a good fit in terms of skill. We implemented more in depth screening questions as well as a role-specific skills test for the following roles in which they were hiring for: Operations Manager, Designer, Front-end Dev, Product Manager.

Our biggest achievement was hiring a stellar Operations Manager to take the reins on the major initiatives we’d identified and empowered leadership to step back from the day to day.




Like many fast-moving tech companies, their infrastructure needed a bit of a face lift in order to scale at their desired pace..

ElevatorUp lacked the necessary processes to scale at their desired pace. We helped create and document overall procedures and systems to streamline the day-to-day running of the company. Together with their team, we performed a download of information and documented the workflows into repeatable systems for future team members.

By far the process that made the greatest impact was the refinement and documentation of the hiring process. Having this in place resulted in the following:

  • Systemization of the hiring process that resulted in an increased number of highly qualified candidates to be interviewed.

  • Implementation of new, key phases into the hiring process.

  • Improved company reputation through the assurance that all candidates were communicated with, even ones who didn’t make the cut.

  • The ability to move quickly; a small hiring team of two people were able to hire 4 key roles within a short time-frame.


Kind Words from the EU Team


"I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie through my interview process for Elevator Up. She had already rooted herself into the team and came across as a long time employee with her depth of knowledge and insight into the company. I was shocked to learn she had only been on board in her capacity for less than a month when we met. As I came onboard the team and got acclimated into an industry I was unfamiliar with, Melanie was a thoughtful, detailed resource to assist me in navigating the unchartered waters. She was thorough in her review of the business and people while adding industry expertise and insight to our daily conversations. By far, Melanie was the greatest resource for myself and for Elevator Up as a company.”

Chad Kirkpatrick

Operations Manager


It’s incredibly difficult to jump in and become a Founder/CEO’s right hand person and I can’t believe how quickly Melanie was able to do so. She brought a strong calm and dove right in. She lead the team in guiding process improvements, team coaching and refining our financials that helped us with better forecasting.

Aaron Schaap

Founder And CEO


Melanie came in to help us with our overall operations while we were going through a hiring push. Not only did she fit right in with our team and culture, but her prior knowledge and experience working with digital and creative agencies allowed her to dive in and add significant value quickly. Plus she was really fun to work with!

Tori Dean

Studio Manager