Case Study: Visceral

Visceral is a brand, design and development agency crafting experiences for the world’s leading causes, non-profits, and socially conscious organizations.


Visceral’s Goals

  • Central knowledge base for business operations information

  • Process documentation for day to day operations

  • Address key person risk + reduce liability of all information being held by one person

WeConsult's Areas of Impact

  • Helped document and streamline processes around key business functions

  • Delivered a robust Operations Manual that:

    • Creates a resource for future Operations roles

    • Enables an easier path for company to scale

    • Saves time by having all information contained in one central location

    • Increases market value by solidifying processes and procedures




Visceral understood the importance of documenting process in order to scale, and needed help in gathering key information and documenting everything in an organized, easy to access way.

This case study highlights a growing company in the creative agency space and the steps taken to meticulously document all operational processes.

WeConsult helped the owner of the organization to download crucial information around the business’ finances, human resources, business administration, and legal, into an easy to navigate operations manual.

The documentation of this information was focused on organizing the information in an intuitive format with easy to understand step-by-step processes for a future Operations role. The resulting 23 page Operations Manual is a detailed resource to help with company growth, reduce the liability of one person housing all historical information, and quality control for key business operations.